Founded in 2003

ISSN 2411-5444

The journal is included in the list of HAC (№1750), RSCI, TASS, NEL. (History)

Almanac «The Cossacks» is issued as an edition, focused on a wide range of reader’s queries in different spheres. This edition is both popular scientific and social and political. The authors are: representatives of government agencies and business at various levels, civil servants and representatives of non-governmental organizations, employees of higher education and academics, members of the creative unions, cultural organizations and folk groups. Among the authors there are citizens of the Russian Federation, representatives of foreign countries, foreign nationals, people well-known in science, culture and just starting their career.

Involvement of people, interested in The Cossacks and expressing different points of view, can help to take a broad view of today’s society, appreciate previous historical experience and predict events in the country in near future and in the long term.

Materials, which we offer to our readers, are varied. The almanac and it’s e-page include articles and materials on The Cossacks’ history, military history, problems of geopolitics and patriotic education, culture (in the large sense of the word- morals, popular culture, etc.), problems of Russian society, State-building, social movements, preserving the Russian language and linguistic culture of the regions, issues of cultural, ethnic and political and social development of the regions. 

A scientific-journalistic work on «The Cossacks» contest and a creative work in folk group contest are held in the publishing house. So, we count an attention and support of our readers. 

The edition is entered in Russian science citation index; information about published scientific articles is provided to RISC in three month from the date of issue of the appropriate number.

The leads of the articles, operative words are freely available in the Internet in Russian and in English. Full-text versions are also freely available in the Internet. It excludes the possibility of the provision of paid services for the acceleration of the publication of the manuscripts.

High scientific, social and political level serves as a main criterion in the selection of materials for publications. This revision is based on the principle of pluralism admissibility of scientifically-grounded points of view, which can differ from editors’ viewpoint.

The authors of published materials are responsible for the selection and accuracy of facts, quotations, economic and statistical data, proper names, geographical names.

Reprint is available only with a reference to the magazine «Almanac the Cossacks».

All manuscripts are reviewed.