Terms of publication and the requirements for material submitted to the Journal

1. Submissions should be relevant and new, they should have scientific and practical significance.
2. The volume of materials should not exceed six (6) pages of typewritten text (for post-graduate students), and 10 (ten) pages of typewritten text (for doctoral candidates and doctors of science), with text type 14, line spacing 1.5.
3. All sources should be supplied with bibliographic references.
4. Footnotes are placed per page.
5. The material should be supplied with:
- an annotation (abstract) in Russian and English (with volume no more than 1000 characters);
- author's translation of the title of the article;
- the name and surname of the author;
- a list of keywords;
- bibliography.
6. All presentations should be submitted in electronic form.
7. Be sure to specify the surname, name and the patronymic name of the author, their scientific degree, rank, position, the official name of the workplace, contact phones, full home address and email address.
8. A fee for the acceleration of the publication of the submitted manuscripts is not charged.


Basic conditions of the publication

To publish an article necessary for the defense, it is important to do the following:
1. Write an article
2. Check the article for mistakes.
3. Put in the author's questionnaire, the title of the article, keywords, the summary of the article in Russian and English, text and references in a single file. References should be put in the text of the article. References to the source materials should be put within the text of the article.
4. Submit everything to the E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Below you can find some more details about how to frame and send us your article for consideration.


If you are ready to send the article

These general requirements can be found practically in any edition.
1. All the materials submitted to the Editorial Board are checked for the presence of borrowings from public sources (simply speaking, plagiarism, the test is performed with the help of the system AntiPlagiat.ru). Texts where the borrowing index is more than 10% may not be published in the journal.
Make sure that your article contains more than 90% of the original text, thus you will save your and other people's time and relieve us from the unpleasant duty to point it out to you.
What can you do if you find a lot of loans in the text? It can be easily corrected. In the selected non-original parts of the text, leave only the most important quotations. Describe briefly in your own words the parts which were withdrawn.
2. Make a list of the keywords and the summary (a short text not more than 3-4 sentences (up to 500 characters). The purpose is to give the reader a brief idea of what your article is), translate the title of your article, summary and key words into RUSSIAN.

Please note that all these simple steps will greatly simplify work with your article and raise your credibility in the eyes of any edition.


How to frame up the article to provide it to the editorial office

The author's questionnaire
Фамилия Имя Отчество
Surname, Name, Patronymic Name
Иванов Петр Сергеевич
Ivanov Petr Sergeevich
Аспирант факультета Мировой экономики Академии народного хозяйства при Правительстве РФ, ведущий менеджер ООО «ОргСинтез»
Graduate student of the faculty of World economy, of The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, leading Manager of LLC «Orgsintez»
Почтовый адрес
Postal address
109559, Россия, г. Москва, ул. Белореченская, д. 1, кв. 125
109559, Russia, Moscow, Belorechenskaya Str., h. 1, 125 sq.
Контактный телефон и факс (с кодом страны и города)
Contact phone and Fax (with country and city code)
 +7 (903) 215 8545 
Адрес электронной почты
Email address
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Желаемый месяц публикации
Desired publication month


Copy this sample in the beginning of the file with your article and fill in all points in Russian and English.
Framing of the text of the article (fields, indent) does not matter, they are up to you.
File format is Word 2003 (doc), or rtf.

The file should contain:
1) the author's questionnaire in the Russian and English languages;
2) key words (in Russian and English);
3) the abstract/annotation (in Russian and in English);
4) the title (in Russian and in English);
5) the text itself;
6) the list of used literature (in the text, there should be references to the sources used).

The name of the file should consist of the names of the author and the publication month. For Example, "Ivanov - 08.doc".

Deputy chief editor of the Journal "Almanac Cossacks"
Chapkin S.V.