Requirements to the Articles to be Published in Journal “Almanac Cossacks”.

The editorial board of the journal asks all authors to comply with the following rules when submitting their materials for reviewing.
1) The topic of the article should be currently important. If the research bears interdisciplinary character and is of some interest to a wider range of specialists (for example, those who do culture studies and history, history and linguistics, etc.), it raises the scientific value of the submitted article.
2) The author of the manuscript should clearly set the goal and problem of his/her research. The conclusions should be accurately stated at the end of the article.
3) The journal “Almanac Cossacks” accepts submissions not only in Russia. In case that the authors want to reveal their work to the world-wide audience, they should take care of a neat translation of the work on their own. The editorial board of the journal can help with the translation (such cases talked over separately) but will not accept a google-translated manuscript.
4) Images, photographs, graphs, charts and diagrams should be of 600 pix resolution minimum in the narrowest part.
5) Diagrams, graphs and charts are to be sent separately in the EXCEL or EPS format.
6) The name of the article is to be presented both in Russian and in English.
7) The type size of the article is Times New Roman (Microsoft Word). It is obligatory to use margins (1 centimeter). The whole text is fully justified and should be of the same size.
8) It is absolutely forbidden to stretch the text using double space/gap! (And also triple, four spaces between words, etc.)
9) The new paragraph must not be made by means of space bar! Use TAB instead or do not use anything at all. The amount of spaces in the article does not influence the final volume and the overall look of the article, but it does make pagination more difficult and time-consuming.
10) Send your article to E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Requirements to abstracts (annotations)

1) An annotation or abstract is to be given in Russian and English for all types of articles.
2) The volume is 250-300 words.
3) In the annotation, one should include the essence of the article, its goal, methods of research, results and meaningful conclusions. The author can present evaluations, recommendations of using his/her research results and/or any other information relevant for the research.
4) The language of the abstract must be concise, neat and understandable for any researcher. The author should avoid “empty” and meaningless constructions that are usually used for the sake of volume.
5) At the end of this annotation/abstract, the author is to give up to ten key words. It is very desirable that the author does not compose 4-5-word clusters from key words.


Literature Requirements

The author should present the bibliography (references) in two languages (Russian and English) separately. The works cited should be numbered.