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Shuplenkov O.V. Cossacks as a social community: historical background 7
Ternovaya L.O. Cossacks - inventors 20
Galaganova S.G. “Two village streets”: the cossack sociocultural split in Mikhail Sholokhov’s short stories 31
Goncharova O.V. Participation serving people (Cossacks) in the fur trade and the fur trade in Siberia 41
Evdokimov R.N. The distributing book of money and feed salary Putivl feeds cossacks in 1649 50
Cossack life
Bibaeva L.I. Nekrasov's song 77
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Shuplenkov O.V.

Cossacks as a social community: historical background

At the beginning of the XXI century with renewed vigor the question arose about the role and status of the Cossacks in the modern Russian society. Deprived of meaningful deserved place in the social and political life of Russia, Cossacks in need of a renewed understanding of the military-historical and socio-political significance of the social community plays an important in the formation of Russian statehood at different stages of its development.
The lack of social institutions and a common approach to the understanding of ethno-social and political nature of the Cossack forces researchers of this phenomenon again and again to the historical roots of the Cossacks, his deep mental and socio-cultural characteristics.
The article emphasizes the uniqueness of the Cossacks as an ethno-social groups in the system of social relations, which has its own Cossack culture and traditional forms of democratic self-government.
Keywords: Cossacks, ethnicity, class, social stratification, social institution, material culture, spiritual culture, national identity, a military organization, the political culture.


Ternovaya L.O.

Cossacks - inventors

The image of the Cossacks made up of many components. But the invention had not been considered as a subject of special attention of the Cossacks. However, the life of the Cossacks in the past encouraged to invention, without which it is impossible to improve their own weapons. Also from the ranks of the Cossacks came many famous inventors.
Keywords: Cossacks, invention, military sphere, entrepreneurship, creativity.


Galaganova S.G.

“Two village streets”: the cossack sociocultural split in Mikhail Sholokhov’s short stories

Mikhail Sholokhov’s short stories, based on his personal experiences, are appreciated as a valuable data source dealing with life and fate of the Don Cossacks from World War I to the end of Russian Civil War. The image of “wealth” and “poverty” village streets, created by Sholokhov, is actually used to symbolize a painful property split, obviously defined in Cossack regions a century ago, as well as sharp social and mental antagonisms that had ruined once unanimous Cossack community.
Keywords: Sholokhov, Sholokhov’s short stories, Don river, Cossacks, Don Cossacks, social stratification, sociocultural split, Cossack community, Russian Civil War.


Goncharova O.V.

Participation serving people (Cossacks) in the fur trade and the fur trade in Siberia

The article describes the history of the Siberian fur trade and the fur trade in the aspect of participation of military men (Cossacks). The characteristic of a class of servitors fur trade.
Particular attention is paid to the participation of military men in trade, both in the domestic and foreign market. Separately considered the provisions of trade legislation with regard to serving people. A detailed analysis of foreign trade operations serving people became the basis to assert that they have pioneered cross-border trade with China to establish diplomatic relations with it.
Keywords: service people, furs, fur trade, the fur trade, pokruchennik, trade taxes, collecting tributaries.


Evdokimov R.N.

The distributing book of money and feed salary Putivl feeds cossacks in 1649

In the article text of distributing book of money and feed salary Putivl feeds cossacks in 1649, that is a basic source, illuminative history of development of this cossack community in I half. XVII cent. In addition, a historiographic review of this document, analyzes its content, his maintenance is analysed, that has to it for an object to define the qualitative and quantitative parameters of composition of feeds cossacks of Putivl.
Keywords: distributing book of money and feed salary, cossacks servicemens, Putivl, army of the Moscow state.



Bibaeva L.I., Methodist, Levokumsky District Library.
Evdokimov R.N., Associate Professor of the Chair “Politology, history and social technologies” of the Humanitarian institute of the Moscow state university of railway engineering Emperor Nicholas II (MIIT).
Galaganova S.G., Candidate of Philosophic Sciences, Senior Lecturer (Reader) the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Department of Political Studies.
Goncharova O.V., Candidate of Biological Sciences, associate professor, assistant professor of «humanities, natural and legal discipline», Omsk Institute (branch) FGBOU VPO Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.
Moshnyaga V.P., Doctor of Historical Science, professor, Head of the Center Historical Research of the Institute of Fundamental and Applied Studies of Moscow University for the Humanities.
Shuplenkov O.V., Associate Professor of history, law and social sciences, Stavropol State Pedagogical Institute.
Ternovaya L.O., Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor of MADI, Moscow Automobile and Road Construction University.