Geopolitics and patriotic education
Vodolackiy V.P., Bredikhin A.V The role of Cossacks in Russian-Chinese cross-border relations 2
Kalinina K.V., Ryabova E.L. Problems of realization of the right of peoples to self-determination 7
Ryabova E.L., Ternovaya L.O. Cossacks – the diplomats 15
Ternovaya L.O. Sea trips of Cossacks 26
Culture of the Cossacks and the national language
Erokhin I.U. Phenomenon and mysteries of the Cossack ethnicity 38
"The best Cossack cadet corps" 44
Press release On the Red Hill in Moscow will host the IV Festival of Sunday School Choirs 47
Press release In Moscow, the results of the literary essay contest "Cossacks on the defense of the Fatherland" 48
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Kalinina K.V.
Ryabova E.L.

Problems of realization of the right of peoples to self-determination

The article is devoted to the analysis of the functioning of the international legal system on the self-determination of peoples. There are contradictions in the practical realization of the right of peoples to self-determination and the right to ensure the territorial integrity of states. Author’s proposals are given concerning the non-admission of double standards in relation to them.
Keywords: law, self-determination of peoples, international organizations, UN, territorial integrity, discrimination, genocide, national minorities.


Ryabova E.L.
Ternovaya L.O.

Cossacks – the diplomats

Diplomacy stands the most important direction of realization of foreign policy of the state, and a set of abilities, practical techniques and skills used by diplomats, speaks not only of the breadth of their tasks, but of a special diplomatic gift. Among the people, endowed with such a gift, in Russian history, there were many representatives of the Cossacks, who were at different periods of history at the most important areas of diplomatic activity.
Keywords: history of Russia, foreign policy, diplomacy, the Cossacks.


Ternovaya L.O.

Sea trips of Cossacks

Specialists the history of the Russian Navy usually starts from Peter I. But it is true from the beginning to lead active actions in the area of the Azov and Black Seas. Activity and successes of the Cossacks in the naval battles in the XVII century were so great that they were invited to European countries to participate on its side in the Thirty Years’ War. However, at the end of the XVIII century this activity almost ceased, and the history of sea voyages of Cossacks began to be forgotten.
Keywords: Cossacks, naval history, sea trips, the Turkish fleet.

Erokhin I.U.

Phenomenon and mysteries of the Cossack ethnicity

Ethnicity is an important attribute of the Cossacks, and this attribute is of system character, being the key point in understanding the uniqueness of the Cossacks as a phenomenon in the Russian history. The Cossack ethnicity is closely associated with the Cossack culture, way of life, customs, morals, and the formation of the specific “Cossack statehood” in the form of small democratic republics. This article represents an attempt to look into the cobwebs of the Cossack ethnicity.
Keywords: Cossacks, Russia, ethnos, theory, history, culture, traditions, the past, development, society, state.



Bredikhin A.V., Postgraduate student of the post-Soviet countries of Russian State University for the Humanities (Moscow). Graduate student of the post-Soviet countries.
Erokhin I.U., Candidate of Historical Sciences, Senior Researcher, Croydon College, London, Great Britain.
Kalinina K.V., Institute of the Faculty of Social Sciences Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.
Ryabova E.L., Doctor of political sciences, Professor, Chief Editor of “Etnosotsium” international publishing house.
Ternovaya L.O., Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor MADI (The Moscow Automobile and Road Construction University).
Vodolackiy V.P., Doctor of Social Sciences, Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Supreme Ataman of the Union of Cossacks of Russia and abroad Warriors, Cossack General.